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Medical Services

The following information may be of interest to United States Citizens coming to Zimbabwe to visit or take up residence.

The list is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive nor does it represent either a guarantee of competence or endorsement by the Department of State or American embassy. It does indicate that they have been utilized by the American community in the past. Retention on this list depends upon a combination of factors including the availability, training, and positive assistance in previous consultations, etc. Patient input, both positive and negative, regarding experience with local health care providers, is always welcome and provides additional information to assist in expanding or contracting this list.

General Practitioners (M=male; F=Female)

Dr. Douie (m): 106 Prince Edward, Milton Park, Harare. Tel: 263-4-736875, +263-4-732397

Dr. Stack (m) and Dr. Posen (m):  109 Josiah Chinamano Avenue, Harare. Tel: +263-4-707805, 703349, +263913 449136, +263913477675

Dr Jeans: 5 Fisher Avenue, Rolf Valley, Harare. Tel: 263-4-885157, E-mail: mailto:


Anesthetic Consultants: 90 Fife Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-04-797866/7


Dr. Szreder: 28 Clairwood Road, Alexandria Park, Harare. Tel: 263-04-745441

Internists (Physicians)

Dr Hakim: 34 Van Praagh Avenue, Milton Park, Harare. Tel: 263-4-736784  
Dr. Mielke: 2 Tongogara Street, Harare. Tel: 263-4-791030

Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Glieman and Mr. Kalangu : 10 Fife Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-04-708001


Dr. Powell: 53 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-700947;
Dr Bannerman: 23 Herbert Chitepo St. Harare. Tel: 263-4-758990, 263-4-775710.

Obstetrics and Gynecologists

Dr. Iliff: 53 Baines Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-722389;
Mr. Munjanja: 152 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-723838.;
Mr. Suddens: 44 Josiah Tongogara Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-706406.


Dr. Mukanganwi: 52 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-704308.;
Dr. Guramatunhu: 175 Fife/8th Street, Harare. Tel: 263-4-739592;


Mr. Bhagat: 52 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-721359;
Mr. Bowers: 90 Fife Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-793778;
Mr. Coric: 60 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-739029


Dr. Chagwedera: 2 Josiah Tongogara Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-791030, E-mail: mailto:



Baines Imaging: 52 Baines Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-708701;
Diagnostic Imaging: 17 Lanark Rd, Avenues, Harare. Tel: 263-4-701455/6.


Mr. Dakovic: 90 Fife Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-733451.;
Mr. Murphree: 90 Fife Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-733451.


Mr. Danso: 266 H. Chitepo Street, Harare.Tel: 263-4-708559;
Mr. Alberts: 37 Lomagundi Road, Harare.Tel: 263-4-308889.

Well Woman's Clinic

18 East Road, Belgravia, Harare.Tel: 263-4-796493/6


Dr. Pechey: 78 Connaught Road, Harare.Tel: 263-4-335124, 263-4-308532;
Dr. Farrel: 125 Union Avenue, Harare. Tel: 263-4-720999;
Dr. Maisva: Cnr Fife Avenue and 8th Street, Harare.Tel: 263-4-708686.;
Dr. Rhys-Maitland: 5 Sam Levy Village, Borrowdale, Harare.Tel: 263-4-733275;
Dr. Mukurazhizha: 283 H. Chitepo Street, Harare.Tel: 263-4-702234/5;
Dr. Skinner: 32 Tongogara Street, Harare.Tel: 263-4-722571.;
Dr Tucakov: Suite 108 Sanlam Center, Newlands, Harare.Tel: 263-4-746512.

Oral/Dental Surgeon

Dr. Mahomwa: 232 S. Machel Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-776141/2.


Dr. Evans: 20 Tongogara Street, Harare.Tel: 263-4-721747;
Mr. Boyd: 19 Lezard Avenue Milton park, Harare.Tel: 263-4-722530.


Mr. Christink: 109 Josiah Chinamano, Harare.Tel: 263-4-708401.


Dr. Mkanganwi: Medical Centre, 52 Baines Avenue, Suite 103 Harare. Tel: 263-4-700787


Boddie and Malunga: 52 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-704177;

Mr. Smeets: 31 Argyle Rd, Harare.Tel: 263-4-735130, 0912220055. E-mail:

Ambulance Service

Emergency Medical Rescue Ambulance Services (EMRAS), Tel: 263-4-250011/2.
Medical Air Rescue Services: Tel: 263-4-727540; 263-4-734513;

Blood Transfusion

National Blood Service Zimbabwe: Mazowe Street, Harare. Tel: 263-4-707801.

Immunization Clinics

International Vaccine Center: 31 Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale. Tel: 263-4-496181/495576.;
Vaccine Center: 15 Lanark Road, Harare. Tel: 263-4-706618/40


Avenues Clinic: Baines/Mazowe Street, Harare.Tel: 263-4-251144/80/90
St Annes: King George Road, Avondale, Harare.Tel: 263-4-339933.


Clinical Laboratories: 22 Fife Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-707142/723516.
Medical Laboratories: 60 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-727131.

Orthopedic Braces

Mr. Gibson: Tel: 263-4-721020;
Mr. Kelly: 26 Tay Road, Vainona, Harare.Tel: 263-4-883001.;
Mrs. Macklin: 19 Doon Road, Harare. Tel: 263-4-882567, 0912600517.


Avondale Pharmacy: Avondale Shops, Harare.Tel: 263-4-336642; 
Chisipite Pharmacy: Chisipite Shops, Harare.Tel: 263-4-494052/497017;
Lemon Pharmacy: Avondale Shops, Harare.Tel: 263-4-302755;
QV/Baines: 60 Baines Avenue, Harare.Tel: 263-4-704020; Shamrock: Avondale Shops, Harare.Tel: 263-4-336730/339339