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2009 Press Releases

Letter to the Herald editor

January 5th 2009

I write in reference to the editorial cartoon that appeared in the December 29th edition of the Herald. Once again, the Herald has willfully misconstrued U.S. policy and the remarks of U.S. officials.

The U.S. remains a leading donor of humanitarian assistance to the people of Zimbabwe, including in the fight against cholera. To date the U.S. has provided:

  • US$6.2 million to help combat the outbreak of cholera, including the deployment of a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART.) This is in addition to the US$4.6 million we were already providing for emergency water, sanitation and hygiene programs.
  • We are the leading provider of food aid to Zimbabwe.
  • In total we provided over US$220 million in humanitarian assistance to Zimbabwe over the past year.

The United States will continue to support the people of Zimbabwe through humanitarian assistance, including funds to halt the outbreak of cholera.

Tim Gerhardson

Public Affairs Officer