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  • Kenyan activist rallies Zimbabwe against child marriage
    Gender Equality and Empowerment

    Harare, October 7, 2014: Kenyan born educator and activist, Kakenya Ntaiya, says after undergoing a traditional circumcision procedure she left her country to find a way to empower young girls. Dr. Ntaiya delivered the sixth talk in the “Hope/Fay Lecture Series for Gender Equality,” which is jointly organized by the Women’s University in Africa (WUA) and the United States Embassy. 

  • Discussion Series
    Food For Thought Seminars

    Harare: PAS auditorium and the three ACs serve as great instruments and bulwark of democracy, freedom of thought, opinion and equality of opportunities.  

  • Fourth of July commemorations
    Fourth of July commemorations

    The theme of the Fourth of July celebrations was “partnerships. As Ambassador Wharton noted in his speech “Americans understand that our own liberty and prosperity are tied to those of people and nations around the world. We need partnerships of mutual respect and benefit. While we have disagreements, we share fundamental values with Zimbabwe and our commitment to the success of this nation has never been stronger.   »

  • PEPFAR Highlights and Events
    President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief partnership with the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA)

    Harare: 2014 Highlights. Mission Zimbabwe, through the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), partnered with the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) by sponsoring activities and PEPFAR branding from April 29 – May 4, 2014 at the free, First Street public stage and within the Festival grounds. The HIFA theme was: “Switch On” and PEPFAR adopted the tagline “Switch On. Your Health. Your Responsibility.”  

  • Washington Fellows
    Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI)

    Harare, May 15, 2014: The U.S. Embassy announced this week that 30 Zimbabweans have been invited to participate in the first ever Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Washington Fellowship. These outstanding young Zimbabwean leaders will travel to the U.S. this June with over 470 other young African leaders for a six week program at one of 20 prestigious U.S. universities followed by a conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by President Obama. 

  • Zimbabwean and Botswana youth were part of an exchange program which included two days at the Tachila Nature Reserve followed by two days near Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe.
    US engages Zimbabwean and Botswana youth in cross border exchange

    Harare: Dec 2-6, 2013 - Zim and Botswana youths were part of a cross-border exchange organized by the US embassies in Harare and Gaborone.  

  • Ambassador Wharton visits Naletale National Monuments
    Ambassador Wharton visits Naletale National Monuments

    Naletale, Matabeleland South; Zimbabwe, November 13, 2013: Ambassador Bruce Wharton toured the Naletale National Monuments on Wednesday November 13, 2013. The Ambassador later officially handed over $64,000 to the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) to restore the collapsed walls of the site in Matabeleland South province. The support was made possible through a U.S. Department of State initiative, the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. In his remarks Ambassador Wharton described the donation as “a clear demonstration of our respect for the history and culture of Zimbabwe.” 

  • Politicians discuss their career choices
    Taking up a career in politics

    Harare, June 26, 2013: Politicians on Tuesday shared a panel to discuss careers in politics in a special DefZee Presents Food for Thought Session at the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section. DefZee is an online publication for youth in Zimbabwe. The DefZee discussion series is held monthly for youth to hear from working professionals about the nuts and bolts of a wide range of careers.  

  • Ambassador D. Bruce Wharton
    How Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Society Organizations brought positive change to the US

    Harare: Jan 22, 2013. January 15 was the 84th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birth. Giving Dr. King Jr. his full due as a leader and a catalyst for change, it is vital that we remember the many others who worked for the extraordinary accomplishments achieved as a result of the American Civil Rights Movement.  

  • Walking in the Power of influence
    Youth Empowerment FFT Programs

    Harare: November 28, 2012. Over 40 young Zimbabweans gathered yesterday to discuss issues hindering the ability of youth to influence and be recognized by peers at the decision making level. The discussion held at the US Embassy Public Affairs Section was facilitated by DefZee, an online youth platform and Walter Chimene, founder of the Gorindemabwe Frontier; which compiled the list of Zimbabwe’s top 100 most influential young Zimbabweans and included a panel of six of Zimbabwe’s influential young Zimbabweans 

  • Deputy Chief of Mission, David Abell
    Election Breakfast 2012

    Harare: November 7, 2012. The US Embassy hosted an election breakfast, which was held at the Public Affairs Section. Over 80 people participated, including leaders from business and NGOs and other key contacts from the Embassy network. There was general sentiment among the attendees that President Obama's reelection is good for the U.S. as well as U.S- Zimbabwe relations.  

  • More Food For Thought discussions
    More Food For Thought discussions

    Photos include all recent FFT events covered by PAS across the country  

  • Youth Empowerment Programs
    Youth Programs

    Harare: May 24, 2011: Over three weeks, the U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe partnered with the Independent and Mirror newspapers to sponsor three Youth Dialogues about the future of Zimbabwe.  

  • US Embassy honors grandmothers
    Women's History Month

    Public Affairs photos covering Women's History Month events 

  • Left to Right: Precious Simba, PAO Sharon Hudson-Dean with local students at the Bulawayo American Corner.(Photo: Bulawayo AC)
    More Cultural Programs

    Public Affairs Section photos covering cultural events and programs  

  • Left to Right: Amanda Mitumbili, PAO Sharon Hudson-Dean addressing questions from local students.(Photo: PAS, Harare)
    Cultural Programs

    Public Affairs Section photos covering cultural events and programs 

  • Ambassador Ray and GOZ official handing awards to the Auxillia Chimusoro award winners (Photo: PAS, Harare)
    PEPFAR Programs

    PEPFAR funded programs and events  

  • Ambassador Charles Ray gives remarks marking 2010 World AIDS Day (Photo: PAS, Harare)
    World AIDS Day Events

    Photos covering World AIDS Day programs. 

  • Ambassador Ray discusses transitioning from military to civilian life. (Photo: PAS, Harare)
    Ambassador Charles A. Ray

    All photos about Ambassador Ray's events and programs  

  • Danai Gurira, a Zimbabwean-American actress chats with a local audience member after the Food for Thought discussion. (Photo: PAS, Harare)
    Food for Thought

    Photos include all recent FFT events covered by PAS across the country